WHAT NOW? Discord Server

Designed and facilitated by
Jac Smith

Please join us on Discord to come together with other WHAT NOW? participants, join or start conversations, working groups, affinity groups, or ask a question. This space will hold relationships and conversations throughout the gathering and beyond, and welcomes participation from attendees both in-person and remote. This server is designed and moderated by Jac Smith.

In addition to thematic content and conversations, there will be a help channel to ask questions or seek support, and daily announcements for the schedule of the day and any updates.

Join Jac Smith on Wed, Sep 28 from 10-11:30am PDT for a 45 minute walk through and opportunity for attendees to identify channel topics, followed by a 45 minute drop-in session for any questions or troubleshooting. Make a profile and join Jac on the WHAT NOW? Discord server to learn more.

This video tutorial is another resource for getting started: