Join Common Field

Common Field provides a platform for visual arts organizations and organizers to connect with one another and share resources, insights, and opportunities. Join Common Field and become part of a network advocating for the value of the field--to arts funders, the art world, and the world at large.



Common Field members are self-nominating. At least a few of the following attributes characterize their work...

  • Identify as a contemporary, experimental visual arts organization or arts organizer
  • Have a mission or practice that goes beyond commercial gain
  • Include artists at the core of the organization or organizing model, as leaders or as constituencies
  • Create platforms for contemporary art production and presentation
  • Directly support artists through fiscal, material, or other kinds of support
  • Open artist experiments and practices to the public in some form
  • Challenge and explore the changing role of visual art and artists in today's world


  • There's power in numbers. By aligning together, we generate visibility for our field.
  • Visibility creates viability. When we become more visible, our value becomes more legible to funders, other art worlds, peripheral fields, and the general public.
  • Join in the effort to define those artist organizing values--who, how, what, and why--as we grow. 
  • Connect to arts organizers across the country to address shared challenges, resources, and ideas.
  • Be on the docket as we advocate to national funders, peripheral fields, and others. 
  • Use Common Field as leverage for advocacy in your own community.



  • Get on the map. Create a profile shared with other members of the field, funders, and the general public
  • Enjoy priority/ discount tickets for Common Field Convenings
  • Post listings for jobs, events, calls, and services to our national directory
  • Participate in members-only chapters, field grants, research projects, forums, and events

FUTURE (Fall-2017)

  • Access resources, toolkits and collaborative archive of documents and resources 
  • Access contact information and grant listings available to other members
  • ​Participate in phone-ins offering learning and exchange on organizing practices and challenge


Common Field strives to be accessible to all organizations. We have a number of need-based memberships available for organizations without the resources to join. If you want to become a member but truly can't afford the fees, write to telling us about your org, why you want to be a member and how your organization mission and practice fits with Common Field. 



Organizations, spaces, or ongoing collective projects should select a membership level that fits their annual budget. Each organization member will receive one Common Field profile and log-in, but membership benefits apply to all the organization's core group members and/or staff.

$50 | Organization Membership (budgets under $100,000)
$100 | Organization Membership (budgets over $100,000)
$200 | Organization Membership (budgets over $400,000)
$300 | Organization Membership (budgets over $750,000)



Independent individuals (curators, artists, administrators, funders, consultants, writers, and others) who aren’t currently affiliated with an organization should sign-up as organizers. Organizer memberships grant benefits to only one person, and members are listed by the person’s name, not by their project(s). Organizers are not shown on the map, but do appear in list and profile views.

We encourage individuals who lead or work for a group that fits Common Field's profile to sign-up as their organization rather than as an independent organizer. 

$35 | Organizer Membership