On April 14, 2022, Common Field announced it will begin an intentional sunsetting process to close the organization and its programs by December 2022.You can learn more about our Sunset Announcement process and decision here.  As part of this, Common Field’s membership program will close on October 1, 2022 and we will no longer be taking new members in 2022.

Thank you for being a member of Common Field. We are so grateful you are or have been part of this rich and incredible community since we opened in 2o17. As of April 2022, we have over 900 members, the largest membership community in Common Field’s history.  We have been honored to support and grow this community and look forward to the many contributions each of you will make towards shaping the future of our field. Although Common Field will not be holding this Network as an organization in the future, we believe in the power of our connected networks across the field and the ways those will grow and change as our members move into new spaces of community together. 

In May, we will share more details about how you can archive and close your membership page and subscription, and announce plans for how we plan to support our Network members in transitioning to other communities in our field later this year. 

In the meantime, if you are a current member, all membership fees or charges are waived for 2022. In the case that you have auto-renew turned on for your account, you may be charged as only you can turn that option off when you login to your membership. In these cases, Common Field will automatically issue a reimbursement when a charge is incurred. 

For questions related to membership, please email us at hello [​at​] 

For any questions related to our Sunset Announcement, please contact us at questions [​at​]  

We thank you for your patience during this transitional time and look forward to sharing more with you soon.

(The "Join" buttons below are no longer functional. Thank you for your patience as we remove these items from the site)