Common Field provides a platform for visual arts organizations and organizers to connect with one another and share resources, insights, and opportunities. Join Common Field and become part of a network advocating for the value of the field— to arts funders, the art world, and the world at large.



Common Field members are self-nominating and align with Common Field’s core values.

- Identify as a contemporary, experimental visual arts organization or arts organizer
- Organizations include alternative art spaces, publications, digital exhibition venues, residencies, platforms, collectives, collaboratives, and individual organizers.
- Common Field Network members provide interdisciplinary and hybrid forms for art production, reception, and exchange.
- Directly support artists through fiscal, material, or other kinds of support
- They generate independent, responsive, grassroots, artist-centered cultures.
- They support artists, connect artists with the public in intimate, experimental, and generative ways
- They stimulate ideas, imagination, and innovation in their communities.
- Include artists at the core of the organization or organizing model, as leaders or as constituencies
- Challenge and explore the changing role of visual art and artists in today's world



There's power in numbers. By aligning together, members generate visibility for our field.

Visibility creates viability. When we become more visible, our value becomes more legible to funders, other art worlds, peripheral fields, and the general public.

Join in the effort to define those artist organizing values—who, how, what, and why—as we grow.

Connect to arts organizers across the country to address shared challenges, resources, and ideas.

Use Common Field as leverage for advocacy in your own community.


Get on the map!

Create a profile shared with other members of the field and beyond.

Enjoy discount tickets for Common Field Convenings.

Post listings for Opportunities, Jobs, Services and Announcements to our online national listings directory

Apply to members only opportunities including field grants,open calls for convening proposals, scholarships to attend our annual Convening.

Participate in research projects, forums, chapters and events.

Access resources, toolkits and collaborative archive of documents and resources

Participate in Field Conversations online offering learning and exchange on organizing practices and challenges


Common Field offers competitive scholarships to defray the cost of Network Memberships to Organizations and Organizers. Due to high demand, the scholarship is application based. 

Common Field is a national network of independent visual arts organizations and organizers that connects, supports, and advocates for the artist-centered field. Common Field’s network includes contemporary, experimental, noncommercial artist-centric organizations and organizers including alternative art spaces, publications, digital exhibition venues, residencies, platforms, collectives, collaboratives, and individual organizers. Our members stimulate ideas, imagination, and innovation in their communities.

We encourage you to consider the questions below before you submit your application. 

Please email your answers to the below questions to Ikram Lakhdhar, Network Membership Manager at hello [​at​] Don’t hesitate to connect with questions. 

1/First and Last Name

2/Email address

3/Location (City, State)

4/URL link (for your website or your organization's website

5/Type of Scholarship requested? 
        -Please state what level Organizational membership you are requesting

6/Please tell us about the focus of your work / your organization’s mission? 

7/Our network members activate the field and we work to harness connections that encourage diversity and the building and exchange of knowledge. What do you hope to contribute to the Common Field Network? What do you hope to gain from the Network?

Network Membership Cancellation and Refund Policy

Common Field is dedicated to ensuring you are satisfied with your Membership to the Network. If for any reason, you do not wish to remain a member, we offer a full refund within 30 days of of payment for both new and renewing members. Requests for membership cancellations and refunds should be sent via email to Common Field will reply within 7 days. Your refund will be issued back to the credit card you used to pay for the membership with. 

If you joined the Network with a scholarship or Coupon, you may request a cancellation within 30 days by sending an email to 


Organizations, spaces, or ongoing collaborative projects should select a membership level that fits their annual budget. Each organization member will receive one Common Field profile and log-in, but membership benefits apply to all the organization's core group members and/or staff.

Organizational members can include contemporary, experimental, artist-centered organizations and organizers including alternative art spaces, publications, digital exhibition venues, residencies, platforms, collectives, collaboratives, and much more. 

Organizational Affiliate Memberships are friends of the field including other networks, funders, and institutionas that are alligned with Common Field's values but that are larger in scale. 


Independent individuals (curators, artists, administrators, consultants, writers, and others) who aren’t currently affiliated with an organization should sign-up as organizers. Organizer memberships grant benefits to only one person, and members are listed by the person’s name, not by their project(s). 

We encourage individuals who lead or work for a group that fits Common Field's profile to sign-up as their organization rather than as an independent organizer.