Elsewhere Studios

OPEN CALL for Fall 2018 Residencies at Elsewhere Studios
Due Mar 7 2018

Elsewhere Studios Residency Program in Paonia, Colorado provides space and time for artists to create in a unique and supportive environment. Paonia, located on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, about 1.5 hours from Grand Junction, is nestled in a beautiful landscape of mountains and mesas covered with orchards, small ranches, and farms. Elsewhere is a ‘choose your own adventure’! Situated in downtown Paonia, the spaces are versatile, providing residents with opportunities to connect and interact with other artists in the community, to create or participate in art exhibitions, and to teach classes or workshops . . .or just time to focus on your work.

Elsewhere Studios is a not-for-profit organization and we aspire to keeping this experience accessible to all artists. Therefore, we have set the residency fees on a sliding scale starting at between $600 and $850 per month (depending on space).

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