Kyle Hazard

Radical Gestures / call for art
Due May 21 2018

Radical Gestures is a year-long exhibition endeavor to showcase works that feature performance and will take place throughout the city of Raleigh.

Performance here can be interpreted as any artform that takes the form of action, which encompasses not only theatrical spectacles or musical shows, but performance art and other ways of making meaning through our bodily behaviors or actions. Some questions and considerations related to performance can be: How does performance allow us to imagine alternative ways of being and relating to other? Does it have the potential to change the use, intention, or narrative of a space? Or what is it about performance that brings people together? Performance, unlike a traditional medium of painting or drawing, relates to and relies on space in unique ways. It can push the understanding of what or where an “art space” can be or who a “collaborator” can be. What often draws artists to performance is its flexibility as a medium to create an environment that is incites laughter, teaches a lesson, tests our understandings of difference and humanity, and escapes reality. Thus as an umbrella category, we will accept any works dealing with the more formal aesthetics, such as theatre works, clown performance, musical presentations and sound, performance art, mixed-media works, and dance.

Radical Gestures is a juried exhibition, open to all artists. Artist/s will be responsible for bringing/installing/de-installing any props/sets/backgrounds/equipment at the set location of their performance.

Application must include documentation of either this submitted work or previous work if the proposed project has not been made yet and a written component in either the form of an artist statement or project proposal. Entries must received by 11:59pm on May 21st 2018.