Guest House Cultural Capital Program

Guest House Cultural Capital Residency Program (GHCCRes)

The Guest House Cultural Capital Residency (GHCCRes) is a visiting scholar residency program in Richland, WA. The GHCCRes welcomes creative scholars with diverse backgrounds and research agendas to participate in the community-based, rural residency. Innovative and socially conscious and site responsive practitioners working in a variety of fields and industries including the visual arts, architecture, engineering, urban planning, social work, design and media arts, creative writing & literature, culinary arts, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Selected residents stay in Richland, WA near Washington State University, Tri-Cities (WSUTC). Residents will join the students for a short-term period of 1 week – 1 month based on proposal, room availability, and project objectives. Proposals should seek to connect to, archive, and/or build the cultural capital of the Tri-Cities area, a metropolitan community in eastern Washington. Residents will be invited to develop and lead educational and creative activities and projects as well as provide academic lectures open to students of the WSUTC campus and the community at large. Residents are also asked to donate 1+ piece of research / art to the GH Cultural Capital Permanent Collection.

We are particularly interested in collaborative research and proposed projects that seek to engage the regional geography and environment and the Tri-Cities constituency at large. There is no fee to apply and housing for the scholar will be covered for the duration of the residency. The GHCC Res is willing to support and collaborate with individuals and/or groups to procure external funding or grants when it is of interest and mutually beneficial.