Triple Canopy

Senior Editor

Available Position: Senior Editor

Start date: September 4, 2018

Triple Canopy, a nonprofit magazine located in New York City, seeks a senior editor. The editor will work closely with Triple Canopy’s editors, designers, and technologists to research, commission, edit, and publish and present new projects in a variety of media and platforms. We expect the editor to work approximately thirty-two hours per week at Triple Canopy’s office in Manhattan.

We’re looking for someone who is especially concerned with essays and fiction (as well as genres that aren’t so easy to classify), has a significant amount of experience as an editor, and possesses substantial ideas about the kind of work that Triple Canopy should be publishing. That said, the magazine typically publishes essays and fiction alongside (or situates them within) artworks, performances, and conversations; we hope to find an editor who has formidable enthusiasms but catholic interests, and who is excited to forge relationships between seemingly disparate forms.

This position will be focused on editing—and, eventually, commissioning—works by writers, artists, and scholars. Triple Canopy’s editing process often begins with the conception of an idea and extends to conversations about the technical realization and visual design of a project, which might take six months or longer. As such, we’re looking for someone who finds extensive and intensive collaborations to be gratifying, and is adept at addressing—with empathy, humor, and care—the challenges that regularly arise in such relationships. The same goes for working with other editors, who collectively research and develop issues of the magazine and other initiatives, such as exhibitions, symposia, podcasts, and video series. (The senior editor will be expected to occasionally propose and lead the development of such projects.) Furthermore, we hope to find an editor who is pleased to work with Triple Canopy’s designers and technologists, and to engage with the ideas underlying the magazine’s work in those fields.

Finally, we ask that candidates demonstrate an active engagement with the ethical concerns that govern our work; these encompass what and whom we choose to publish, how we treat and support colleagues and contributors, and how we utilize the magazine as a platform.

To apply, please submit a cover letter, résumé, and three examples of works of at least two thousand words that you have edited (in addition to two writing samples if you also are a writer) to

Payment is commensurate with experience. Subsidized healthcare options are available. Triple Canopy is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants receive consideration without regard to race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, disability or any other basis prohibited by law.

For more information on the mission and staff of Triple Canopy, visit: No calls, please.