Open Call to Artists - In Plain Sight/Site
Due Sep 1 2018

In Plain Sight/Site is a group exhibition that aims to lay bare and intervene in the histories and formulations of labor, race and commerce that have arisen through centuries of uneven exchange via transatlantic slave trading routes which connected Western Europe, West Africa and the South American, Caribbean, and American colonies. Although centuries have passed, the impact of this system lingers like a ghostly presence beleaguering populations far and wide.

This show seeks to excavate the stories of these routes, by highlighting the integral roles of the enslaved populations – indigenous, African, Asian, etc and what their movements and labor produced. This model hopes to account for the valuation of bodies by examining the forms of labor embedded within colonial movements, as well as its industries and the cash crops it produced—including the harvesting of bodies, cane sugar, coffee, cotton, indigo, lumber, salt and rice.

We invite artists to submit works that incorporate the body, sugar, coffee, cotton, indigo, and/or wood, as mediums or central concepts. Submissions must explore some aspect the New World slave trade, addressing what was at stake, what was lost, the geographic routes, and/or what was born of the era’s forced migrations—including changes in culture, industry, government, and landscape. Artists may submit work in any medium, including performance. Submissions may specifically address Southeast New England’s role in the triangular trade, and/or the region’s shaping of “Americanness” as we know it.

This group show will be produced and displayed at Artspace from November 30, 2018 to March 2, 2019. To apply, please fill out the online form through this link (there is no cost to apply). First round notification will go out to applicants on September 8, 2018.

About the Guest Curator: Niama Safia Sandy is a New York-based cultural anthropologist, curator, and essayist. Her work delves into the human story through the application and critical lenses of culture, healing, history, migration, music, race and ritual. Sandy’s creative practice often is an examination of the ways history, economics, migration and other social forces and constructs have shaped modern realities. Her aim is to use the visual, written and performative arts to tell stories we know in ways we have not yet thought to tell them, lifting us to a higher state of ontological and spiritual wholeness in the process. She is an alumnae of Howard University, SOAS, University of London, and the No Longer Empty Curatorial Lab.