Here From You
Due Oct 26 2018

October 26 – December 2, 2018
Kaplan Gallery, VisArts, 2nd floor
Opening Reception and Curator Talk: Friday, October 26, 7 – 9 PM

Here From You is a group exhibition that emerged from personal reflections on the practice of sending remittances and the oversimplified way in which this very common act is often represented in popular media. In truth, networks of remittance may be as much about maintaining personal and emotional connections across a separation as anything else.

This exhibition considers the act of attempting to connect across a separation to be a broadly human experience that can be expressed over physical distance, throughout time, and across generations. The participating artists have all produced work that invite reflections on how distance, movement, and separation manifests in sometimes personal and sometimes very political ways.

Here From You features the work of Alexandria Eregbu, Fidencio Fifield-Perez, Rami George, Daniel Haddad Troconis, Gelare Khoshgozaran, and others to be announced soon.

Curated by Anthony Stepter, 2018 VisArts Emerging Curator

Free and open to the public.

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Monday and Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday and Thursday: 12 noon to 4:00pm

Friday: 12 noon to 8:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 12 noon to 4:00pm

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