Kyle Hazard

No Citation Needed Call-For-Art
Due Jan 6 2019

{No Citation Needed}

November 1, 2018 - January 5, 2019

VAE in conjunction with The National Humanities Center will be presenting, No Citation Needed, on the transfer of knowledge in the beginning of 2019.
Individual artists and collaborations are encouraged to submit work that utilizes learning, education, transfer of knowledge in its practice and creation, or showcases it through documentation. This exhibition is aimed to foster an environment of new knowledge that promotes the humanities. Prompts artists can think about that relate to their work or for the creation of new work are:
How has the knowledge from your passed-down family history affected your identity and view of the world?
What is your strongest memory of being taught?
How has systemic inequality affected education in communities?
How have communities fought against education inequalities?
How can the arts affect the transfer of knowledge?
Examples of works and exhibitions:
Jason Osborne : Fast and Frugal: LUMP
Samuel Levi Jones Unbound March 26–June 28, 2015
Separate and Not Equal: A History of Race and Education in America
Common Touch: An Artist’s Multi-sensory Exhibition Exploring the History of the Education of the Blind

- Entries must be received by 11:59pm on January 5, 2018
- Entries must fit through VAE’s 104″ x 71″ door to be exhibited.
- Juried with JPEGs.
- Two entries per artist.
- Entries must be able to hang
- Entries can not be over 30 lbs
- VAE reserves the right to wire/re-wire work to best hang with the hospitals system.