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Thesis at ALN 2019 | Upstate NY
Due May 31 2019

Thesis at ALN is a new program led by David Gersten, to give artists, makers and thinkers of any discipline the time and space to explore their questions and to develop their personal works. The program includes a regular schedule of, one on one, studio visits with David, ALN Fellows and Visiting Artists, as well as, project-related explorations and events. Works can be pursued independently or in collaboration. The hope is that an organic environment emerges where people and their works can listen to one another.

Revolution has many possible interpretations - it can signify a dramatic social, economic, political or scientific change, many of its meanings today originate with the title of Copernicus’, (1543) book: "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres." Revolution is placed as an invitation towards the scale, scope, depth and breadth of each individual’s curiosities, questions, explorations and works, it contains a gesture of multiple possibilities ‘turns’ to be discovered, at once, beyond us, around us and within us.