BUBBLER at Madison Public Library

Open Call for Public Art in New Pinney Library
Due Feb 18 2019

The Madison Public Library has received funding through the Madison Arts Commission and the Madison Public Library Foundation for two unique pieces that will be installed as permanent public art in the newly built Pinney Library in Madison, WI.

Public Art #1: This piece will be installed as a two or three-dimensional mounted artwork for the new library’s Reading Room, a space intended for contemplation. Throughout the library design process, we have heard from the community that the new Pinney Library should maintain a strong connection to the natural world and incorporate a sense of warmth and light. We seek an artist who will create mounted artwork that emphasizes organic forms and relates to the wood and glass elements that are prominent in the architecture of the space. Project budget not to exceed $10,000 must include artists fee, supplies, travel, fabrication, installation and all related costs. Dimensions: maximum size of 6’-0”W x 8’-4”H

Public Art #2: This site-specific piece will be installed as a sculptural element for the outdoor courtyard, creating a fence, wall, or other demarcation of the library’s exterior courtyard space, primarily used by children and families. The courtyard will be a part of the library’s PlayLab, an area dedicated to exploring early literacy skills through interactive play. The work may be two or three-dimensional, but must be a self-supporting piece. The work should brighten this active community space and reflect the cultural, linguistic and/or environmental diversity of Madison, seen from both sides, and be safe for all ages to interact with. Project budget not to exceed $25,000 must include artists fee, supplies, travel, fabrication, installation, coordination with architects/contractors and all related costs. Dimensions: 46’-0”W x 6'-0"H* *the piece must incorporate the top of (or around) the existing bike pavilion knee wall and will need to extend the entire length of the knee wall (46’-0”) to completely enclose the outdoor area and should be at least as tall as the adjacent fence (6'-0"H) but could be taller.