Zoe Minikes

Flower Press – Publishing for women, femme, & queer artists

Flower Press is an equitable publishing practice centering women, femme, and queer artists and practitioners making books, zines, periodicals, ephemera, and more. We allow artists to determine the publishing split and to retain all rights to their work. We're based in Detroit, and we're ready for you. Here's our website and instagram. Email us at

We are available for the following:

- We accept submissions of self-published material. You can submit via email at We list works on our website, carry them at book fairs, and maintain relationships with stockists across the country.

- We offer design services. For a sliding scale project fee, we will work with you to design your project and deliver print-ready files.

- We produce work. We have relationships with a variety of printers, including risograph, digital offset, screenprinting, and letterpress. For a sliding scale project fee, we will work with you and our printers to prepare and print already-designed work.

We're also looking for stockists, printers, designers, and producers who want to work with us. reach out! ✿