Kyle Hazard

THE LAB - call for art
Due Aug 18 2019

What is THE LAB?
THE LAB is a space programmed by VAE Raleigh to experiment with different themes and challenges for our creative community. Produced as part of VAE Raleigh’s exhibitions program, THE LAB provides artists with a chance to exhibit in a highly-visual space that offers engagement with visitors and those that pass by VAE’s large storefront windows.

VAE to offer a $250 exhibition stipend for each exhibit.

THE LAB call-for-proposals is open to all artists, artist teams, and curators. Proposals must show promise and good conceptual grounding that are collaborative in nature. Applicants do NOT need to be a VAE member to apply. However, at least one participating exhibitor/collaborator will have to be a member at the time of the exhibition. Learn more about memberships HERE. All media is encouraged.

We will not exhibit or financially support work that co-opts the story of a community without representation from that community acting in a decision making role.

Entry Fees

members………………..…$10 per artwork/$20 for two pieces*
non-members………..……$15 per artwork/$30 for two pieces*
*All entry fees are non-refundable.

For more information and to apply, visit our website.