Frances Cathryn

THE FUTURE IS SURVIVAL: Call for artists, activists + organizers to address climate justice
Due Sep 30 2019

In partnership with the community conversation series SURVIVE THE FUTURE on climate change by Instar Lodge this fall, I am co-organizing a daylong social emergency response center (SERC) at Basilica Hudson October 27. This SERC is an opportunity for artists, activists, and community members from NYC to the capital region to come together in a dedicated setting to find out more about how they can create change in response to a social emergency in their place.

The SERC at Basilica Hudson will address how climate catastrophe affects the greater area around the Hudson River. Climate change disproportionately impacts marginalized communities and environmental racism and injustice further excludes their voices from the decision-making conversations in our region. This SERC will provide a safe space to explore what climate justice would look like for all who are affected by environmental disaster, centering the experiences of folks living with a disability and BIPOC, queer, undocumented, and working-class voices.

Every SERC should be a safe accessible space where people can bring their whole selves and learn ways to challenge misinformation, participate in individual and group healing activities, share stories and ideas, and make art to challenge the status quo. I want to acknowledge the important work you do on this topic and invite you to participate in this event. If you’re interested, please let me know how you would like to contribute to the SERC and how I can best value your time and gifts. Small travel and childcare stipends will be available upon request.