Peoples Lab

Peoples Lab: Basics Workshop
Due Aug 24 2019

Does conflict in your personal life seem chronic? Do disagreements in your professional life feel irreconcilable? Whether you’re looking to sharpen individual or collaborative capacities, Dorit Cypis’ Peoples Lab offers practical and adaptive tools designed to uncover social and psychological blind spots. By fostering honest relations between people while building self-knowledge and communication skills, the Lab realigns thinking and opens space for new collective action.

The Basics Workshop is geared for 15-30 new participants, and includes:

A curriculum focused on self-knowledge, bias awareness, conflict engagement and transformation.

An introduction to the Peoples Lab Tools of Engagement – somatic, reflexive and procedural skillsets to explore identity, difference and conflict.

Thoughtfully created for all people working with people, Peoples Lab is rooted in the belief that we must challenge systemic oppression while resisting the narrow identity silos that keep us from being our full selves and knowing one another. As individuals ­with beliefs, emotions, expectations and prejudices all our own, difference is core to each of our respective identities. Yet nuances between us are often ignored in favor of cultural categories that flatten our personal experiences and histories ­– limiting our empathetic capacities, inviting misunderstanding and rendering us ineffective in creating social change. As we stay ensnared in persistent psychological and social conflict, we remain unable to build equitable and generative relations.

Drawing from decades of experience in art, dance, education, conflict resolution, and civic dialogue, Dorit Cypis’ integrated approach offers uniquely tailored tools that allow us to better recognize and bridge our differences across conflict. Participants emerge from the Lab as more thoughtful and responsive individuals, capable of meeting life’s most challenging moments with grace, generosity and strength.