Juana Williams

Open Call for Textile Artists
Due Mar 6 2020

Manufactured Narratives will focus on how fiber artists weave stories through their artwork. Fiber art is one of the artistic disciplines that is intrinsically hands-on, as artists manipulate material through intense manual labor. Fiber art straddles the line between form and function as many fiber artworks can contain traditional functionality. However, within fiber arts, a distinction is drawn between material manipulated for the sole purpose of creating a functional piece and what is intended as a work of art. The difference is the focus on aesthetic value over utility. With this open call, artists are challenged to create textile works with a clear focus on aesthetic value, yet there may also be intentionality of creating functional pieces. The focus being the narratives created through the work, that oftentimes examine personal experiences or questions. All artist who have work accepted into the show will receive a stipend, which can be used to assist with shipping costs or other expenses.