Glenn Bair

Call for Art - What does a viable future look like?
Due Apr 4 2020

The Alliance for a Viable Future seeks artists to contribute visual works of art that answer the question “What does a viable future look like?”

Artwork is intended to motivate, encourage and speak to our capacity to generate the solutions needed to create a viable future.

Framed 2D and 3D work is accepted. Drawings, illustrations, paintings, photographs and sculpture are encouraged.

Submit artwork by April 4, 2020.

Who We Are

Our purpose at Alliance for a Viable Future is to generate critical mass for climate solutions in the Northeast Bioregion by catalyzing leadership communities-of-practice to build trust and take intelligent action.

- We believe that climate change can’t be “solved” with a linear approach; instead, it needs a whole-systems approach.

- We see climate change as an urgent symptom of our out-of-balance society.

- We will do everything in our power to protect and sustain life, working to design and build a viable future for our children and grandchildren.

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Artists will be compensated 70% of sale(s) of artwork sold. The remaining 30% commission will be donated to the Alliance for a Viable Future. Artists are welcome to donate any additional % of sales revenues to the Alliance for a Viable Future.

Selection and Notification:

Artists will be informed by email or phone if they are selected to participate. Artwork delivery instructions will be shared with selected artists following notification. In addition to the exhibit April 27th & 28th, 2020 selected artwork will also be displayed virtually on our website for sale unless otherwise noted by the artist.