Participate in ASSEMBLIES at NAVEL this Spring 2020 (March-June 2020)
Due Mar 15 2020

ASSEMBLIES is a platform for collaborative research, discussion and creation at NAVEL (Los Angeles) that invests in forms of learning that are open, cooperative and challenging. Community-led, these learning group form around a theme, practice, project or experiment. For a period of three months, NAVEL provides each ASSEMBLY with space, group facilitation training, support and resources—including access to our equipment, peer network, and micro-grant funding. Learn more about it here.

This quarter, from March-June 2020, NAVEL will support six ASSEMBLIES, which were selected via a vote by the NAVEL Collective Residents, staff, board members, previous ASSEMBLIES leaders, as well as those who proposed an ASSEMBLY for this quarter.

Participating in an ASSEMBLY is an opportunity to dive into a topic of interest and commit to it for a period of three months in a collaborative group, guided by a group leader(s) who will facilitate research, learning, and discussion. Group leaders are looking for folks who will commit to attending all ASSEMBLY meetings (if not, most of them) and being active in their participation and preparation.

Learn more about the Q3 ASSEMBLIES sign-up process on our website:

The official deadline to sign-up is Sunday, March 15 at 11:59PM.

Questions? Reach out to the ASSEMBLIES coordinator at for any inquiries regarding the ASSEMBLIES program and to the facilitators directly if your questions concerns their group specifically (find their contact info on our website)

Image from Q1 ASSEMBLY New LA Futures: Reenvisioning the Structure of the LA Government