Maria Sykes

Serve in Place
Due Jul 1 2020

We have a unique opportunity for four exceptional people with a wide and varied skillset: a chance to live in and serve a small, desert town in Utah. To coordinate with citizens of this rural community in order to lead their best lives. To demonstrate the value of service. To gain one-of-a-kind experience. To learn new skills. To improve lives. To improve yourself.

We believe our desert town is a hidden gem, but there’s always work to be done. And we’d like to do that work with you. We’re looking for four individuals to serve as AmeriCorps members together to:
• tutor local kids
• beautify old and build new community spaces, projects, and housing
• organize community events
• grow a community food garden and host community meals
• coordinate with our partners like the local schools and businesses
• and much, much more...

Click here for more info. Apply here by July 1, 2020.