virtual care lab OPEN CALL: Care as Practice

virtual care lab invites creators, technologists, civilians, organizers, hobbyists, futurists, and friends to propose activities that practice collective care as either a series of gatherings or a routine practice.

In our Lab Hour conversations, we have reflected on the speed and ephemerality of online culture. By contrast, how can continued practices sustain important conversations, enable slow experimentation, and cultivate trust across digital space?

As a thought starter, some ideas we are currently pursuing include a guided activism hour, shared meal time, guided neighborhood walks, virtual community field trips, letter writing, and collective poetry assemblages.

Submit an idea for a project here.

*We support hosts with facilitation and curatorial guidance, promotion and community support, and technical tools. Hosts keep 75% of ticket revenues created by a project. Recognizing we are working to find ways to build a sustainable project and platform, 15% will go to the virtual care lab organizers and 10% to NAVEL towards administrative costs.

virtual care lab is a series of experiments in cultivating connection and remote togetherness.

Organized by Alice Yuan Zhang and Sara Suárez in partnership with NAVEL.

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