Pancake House

Remote Residency for Non-Remote Workers
Due Aug 1 2020

This low-stress online residency is designed for creative people whose source of day-to-day income is dependent upon in-person labor, who have unreliable or inadequate access to paid time off or sick leave options, and who would benefit from a small stipend and artistic outlet during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each selected resident will receive $100 for a month-long virtual residency. Residents may choose to develop new work during this time or to rework older content. We're flexible and encourage ideas of all kinds: projects can be visual, sound-based, a summary of scientific research, written work, event score, movement based, etc.

The resident's work will be posted to the Pancake House Instagram page (@pancakehousempls) and website ( They will also be able to create a window display for Pancake House's storefront at 4553 S. 34th Avenue in Minneapolis if they choose - if the resident wishes to pursue this option and are nonlocal, Pancake House will reimburse the artist up to $100 for shipping and handling.