Materials & Applications

M&A Director Search [Part-Time]
Due Oct 31 2020

Materials & Applications (M&A) is seeking a Director to helm the next chapter of our Los Angeles-based project space for experimental and critical architecture. With a focus on architectural ideas and processes, M&A curates critical exhibitions and commissions new work by under-recognized architects, designers, and artists. Through an annual calendar of programs, including hands-on workshops, performances, and conversations, we explore how art and architecture can transform underutilized spaces into unexpected encounters. Since its founding in 2003 by artist Jenna Didier, M&A has produced more than 25 temporary site-specific installations and over 100 programs presenting new ideas in art, architecture, and design. All of M&A’s exhibitions and programs are always free and open to the public.

The M&A Director will oversee and maintain three M&A sites: M&A headquarters in Chinatown, the M&A Storefront in Echo Park and M&A X Craft Contemporary Courtyard in Mid-Wilshire.

Key responsibilities of the Director include:

Exhibitions & Public Programming: Conceptualize and draft proposals for exhibitions, lectures, events, etc. for two venues in collaboration with programming council CCMA; implement all approved programs; build audience for programs through communications, marketing and public relations; ensure the cooperation of supporters and neighbors to successfully realize all plans; oversee and participate as necessary in calendar of exhibitions and public programs.

Communications: Oversee and manage all communication channels, including Mailing List, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; develop or direct language around programming and institutional work; clarify and improve institutional voice and branding; manage Website and update online archives.

Financial Management: Assume day-to-day fiscal responsibility for operations and calendar of programs; prepare and manage annual budgets; execute bookkeeping and accounting; prepare quarterly and annual fiscal reports; review and approve payables and receivables.

Fundraising: Organize and implement with Board of Directors M&A’s annual benefit event (constituting 50% of annual budget); additional fundraising through grants, donations, memberships, special events, programming, etc.; research and prepare grants, and direct grant-writing process.

Reports to: M&A Board of Directors (on a quarterly basis)

Support Team: Programs Manager [part-time], Exhibitions & Programs Assistant [part-time], Communications Assistant [part-time], Contemporary Council of M&A [volunteer programming board]


About M&A

Annual Report 2019

Special Partnership: M&A X Craft Contemporary

Recent & Upcoming Programs: Staging Construction (2020), KGAP Radio (2020), Heat Aid (2020), Veilcraft (2021)


This position is compensated hourly, with an expected commitment of 8-10 hours per week, 45 weeks per year. The estimated starting income is approximately $10,000. Future compensation will be commensurate with the Director’s ability to increase operational budget.

The ideal candidate is:

An emergent leader in arts, design and/or architecture, who is looking to steer M&A through its current chapter of institutional self-reflection, which has taken the form of internal town halls, listening sessions with collaborators, and constituent-led research into collaborative models.

Highly motivated to initiate resourceful and strategic approaches to re-envisioning the non-profit organization on both the front and back ends, with a commitment to rethink institutional practices and systems in response to national dialogues in the arts and cultural sectors.

Deeply invested in the potentials of a small non-profit arts organization, with experience of and/or willingness to develop knowledge in non-profit organizational leadership, fundraising and grant writing, and curation and programming in contemporary art, design, and architecture.

Dedicated to community-building within art, design, and architecture in Los Angeles and beyond, and is dedicated to establishing a collaborative organization with empathy, intellectual rigor, and spirited energy.

Committed to values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at all levels of the organization.

A graduate-level degree in the Arts, Architecture, or a related field is welcome but not required.

The position will begin in January 2021.


By October 31, 2020, please submit your application, including a detailed resume or CV, names of references, and a brief concept / vision statement, via this link.

Email Carolyn Sams, President, M&A Board of Directors, at