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Collage & Connect
Due Feb 11 2021

We're celebrating Februllage!

Never heard of it? Us either, until now. We follow the Edinburgh Collage Collective on Instagram, "A Collage Community running projects & showcasing works of global collage artists. Founded and run by @rhedfawell." That's where we learned about #Februllage. (@margiecampmany shared the event with us, too - thanks for that!)

"FEBRULLAGE 2021 is a month-long collage challenge run by @februllage. Founded and organised by @edinburghcollagecollective & @scandinavian_collage_museum, @februllage invites you to make a collage a day throughout the month of February. Starting from 1st February each day @februllage will post up a daily word from their official word prompt Februllage2021 calendar." (@februllage)

Feb 4: Joy

Feb. 11: Airplane

Feb. 18: Paint

Feb. 25: Teacup

This has inspired us to do a weekly gathering with our community - we've been wanting to do more collages and can't think of a better way to get started up again in 2021. So, get your materials together and let's get ready to share a few creative hours together in Februllage!

Join us online with materials from your home, like:

books & magazines

colored paper

paint or ink

markers and pens

old greeting cards



ribbons and string

You'll also need

Elmer's glue (or something like it)

A large piece of paper or canvas, even an old hardcover book will work (hello, altered book!)