Arts + Literature Laboratory

Midwest Video Poetry Festival
Due Jul 15 2021

Deadline July 15
$6 entry fee/$3 students

Arts + Literature Laboratory is seeking work from poets, filmmakers and artists for the 2021 Midwest Video Poetry Festival. We are particularly interested in under-represented voices and works in any of the following categories:

Originals: Original poem and moving images created by the artist(s). Artist(s) may collaborate with each other to create the original work.

Adaptations: The artist(s) may use a poem that exists in the public domain and/or has written permission for use of the work by the copyright holder.

Midwest's Own: A work that significantly features the Midwest or a place within the Midwest or where the artist(s) a) lives in the Midwest at the time of their submission; b) was born in the Midwest; or c) has lived for a significant period (two years or more) in the Midwest.

Translations: Original work that an artist has translated from another language into English or English to another language. If the audio is spoken in another language, please use English subtitles as our judges are primarily English speakers.

Student Work: Work created by current students or individuals that were students when the work was created. A copy of student ID or current letter of enrollment from the school the individual is attending or has attended. You may upload a picture of either one on your FilmFreeway project page, under Files & Attachments.

Poetic Videos: Work that uses poetic structures or forms or is poetically informed in some manner. If your work does not fit the other categories and is poetically experimental in nature, submit your work to this category.