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Open Call for Art- Dough
Due Aug 8 2021

*35.00 Application fee

**Hera Gallery would like to offer Discount Codes to those who cannot cover the $35.00 fee to apply for our Call. We hope this can be approached as an honor system, and invite any artist facing financial hardship to use our codes below:

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Why is dough as a material so appealing? Is it the promise of what it could bring? How can artists use this malleable material and convey the creative ideas generated from the promise of a bread, a sense of comfort, religious connotations, or patiently waiting for the pandemic sourdough from the neighbor to rise? Bread sharing and giving are a primary part of many cultures and communities. How can we express this intimate relationship in this exhibition? By sight, smell, touch?

Why is dough a slang word for money in English? Are we talking about scarcity or abundance? Is dough a metaphor for our cash driven society that still celebrates people according to their cash value while the nation faces unprecedented food insecurity based on systemic inequality?

Dough in its many forms is tangible and alive. Perhaps it connects humanity to something instinctual and essential. From sourdough mania to food lines of unfathomable dimensions, dough, has been on our minds for the past year. Did it make its way to your art?

What kind of an exhibition can we "bake" together?

Juror Bio:
Catherine M. Piccoli is a food historian, writer, and curator whose work focuses on the intersection of food, culture, memory, and place. She brings a multidisciplinary approach to the Museum of Food and Drink as curatorial director, where she oversees the creation of exhibitions and robust public programming for adults and children. Catherine led the development of MOFAD’s major exhibitions – African/American: Making the Nation’s Table, Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant, and Flavor: Making It and Faking It – as well as gallery shows – Highlights from the Collection, Knights of the Raj NYC, and Feasts and Festivals.

Previously, Catherine worked as a researcher at the Chicago History Museum and the Heinz History Center. She holds an M.A. in Food Studies from Chatham University and a B.S. with honors in Social and Cultural History from Carnegie Mellon University. Catherine acted as MOFAD's interim president from March through December 2020.

Application Deadline: August 8th, 2021
Exhibition Dates: October 16th- November 13th, 2021

Notification of Acceptance: Hera Gallery will contact artists by September 9th, 2021
regarding their inclusion in: Dough