Public Space One

Collectivity is Flux - print portfolio exchange
Due Nov 22 2021

PS1's Iowa City Press Co-Op (ICPC) is proud to be presenting "Collectivity is Flux" at the SGCI Madison, WI 2022 conference. We invite members of makerspaces, co-ops, collectives, or any artistic community outside academia to consider what it means to belong to a communal space!

Please feel free to share this call for participation. The deadline to become a SGCI member (Basic membership is $5) and to apply to our portfolio ($30 upon acceptance to cover portfolio distribution) is (NEXT!) Monday November 22, 2021.

ICPC (established 2012) is the community-access print and book arts studio at Public Space One. We offer studio access and education in intaglio, relief, silkscreen, letterpress, and book arts. ICPC is run collectively by its members, who work to foster and develop a local community of book and print artists and enthusiasts by providing affordable access to shared equipment and creating educational and professional opportunities, projects, and collaborations.