Muslim Futurism: Definitions, Explorations, and Future Directions Virtual Conference
Due Jan 21 2022

“Mipsterz organizes world’s first conference on Muslim Futurism”

Mipsterz in partnership with Colorado College, Duke University, University of Miami, Columbia University, and the Center for Afrofuturist Studies, is announcing a landmark virtual conference that includes an impressive roster of over 30 Muslim thought leaders, artists, and creatives who will lead conversations, panels and individual talks from January 21-23, 2022.

To create the future first we must imagine it together.

We are living in a historical moment defined by speculation, reinvention, and restructuring and so it has never been more important for our community to share, collaborate and inspire. For that reason, we’re hosting this online event and it will be entirely free to attend. We are humbled that our speakers and partners are going online with us, and share our belief that we can co-create a future in our image.

The Muslim Futurism: Definitions, Explorations, and Future Directions conference attempts to define Muslim Futurism as an idea, aesthetic, and framework. Inspired by and building upon Afrofuturism, we hope to create conversations centered on five themes: imagination, identity, community, resistance, and liberation. Showcasing the work and ideas of prominent scholars and creators, the conference will explore issues in the present and how they could manifest in multiple alternative futures where Muslims are at the center of the narrative.

"We are honored to support this groundbreaking project that builds on the framework of Afrofuturism to provide Muslim artists, creatives, and thought leaders with a platform to explore the intersection between Muslim cultures and visions of the future,” said Zeyba Rahman, senior program officer for the Doris Duke Foundation’s Building Bridges Program. “During this time, when the flaws and inequities of our systems have been laid bare, reimagining what the future could look like can be a powerful tool to collectively create a brighter, more inclusive world."

The conference will provide and develop ways to expand our knowledge on Muslim futures, while simultaneously being rigorous and accessible to a broad audience.

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Conference thought leaders include:

Speakers: Vanessa Taylor, Deborah Whaley, Richard Turner, Kaaronica Evans-Ware, Zain Abdullah, Ellen McLarney Hussein Rashid, Rebecca Hankins, Emad El-Din Aysha, Zaheer Ali, Anaïs Duplan, Peter Wright

Moderators: Kathryn Spellman Poots, Hisham Aidi, Donna Auston, Jorg Matthias Determann, Sylvia Chan-Malik, Nebil Husayn, Zahra Ayubi

Panelists: Aseel Azab-Osman, Sumera Saleem, Isra Ali, Jessie Lee Rubin, John D. Austin, John L. Miller, Kamilah A. Pickett, Rashida James-Saadiya, Katrina Daly Thompson, Linyao Ma, Matthew R. Hotham, Mélika Hashemi, L.E. Brown, Muhammad Ali Imran, Netty Mattar, Rabab El Mouadden, Rukhsar Ali, William Williamson, Zino Adjroud

Sponsors & Organizers

Support for this conference as part of the ALHAMDU | MUSLIM FUTURISM project is provided by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art’s Building Bridges Program. The mission of the Building Bridges Program is to support national efforts, working with U.S. Muslims, to increase mutual understanding and well-being among diverse populations for the benefit of building stronger, inclusive communities.

Additional support provided by the Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies group at Colorado College, Duke Islamic Studies Center at Duke University, the Center for Global Black Studies, the Department of Religious Studies and Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Featured Speaker Series in Islamic Studies at the University of Miami, Center for the Study of Muslim Societies under the Middle East Institute at Columbia University, and the Center for Afrofuturist Studies.


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