Coleman Center for the Arts

Executive Director of the Coleman Center for the Arts

Position Summary
The Coleman Center for the Arts is seeking a passionate and dynamic Executive Director who will lead the organization into its next chapter of growth and impact. The Executive Director will oversee all aspects of the organization including creative programs, finances, grant writing, fundraising, and hiring and managing staff. The Executive Director will work with the Board of Directors to set strategic goals and vision, and continue to develop the Coleman Center as a model for long term collaboration between artists and communities.

About the Coleman Center for the Arts
The Coleman Center for the Arts is a 36-year-old contemporary arts organization located in York, Alabama, a town of 2,500 people in the Black Belt Region of Alabama. The Coleman Center uses the social fabric of a small town as a context for contemporary art making. Programs foster positive social change, answer civic needs, build local pride, and use creativity for community problem solving. Our work is done through five main programmatic arms: arts education for area youth and adults; a community-based artists’ residency that produces socially engaged public art projects and events; exhibitions that feature the work of regional artists; a free, public community garden that promotes small-scale food production; and Pop Start, a storefront space for artists-community experimentation.