La Baldi Residency
Due Feb 1 2022

Cultivate is pleased to announce La Baldi Residency for artists, writers, and researchers. The multi-disciplinary residency welcomes individuals and collaborative teams. Located in the historic village of Montegiovi, Italy, in southern Tuscany, the self-directed international residency is an opportunity to experiment, develop ideas and projects, dream, explore, rejuvenate, research, and investigate the land and culture of this special area.

The residency honors the inspiring, generous legacy of Maura Baldi— a dynamic educator of literature, a fierce protector of the curiosity and expression of youth, and a spirited advocate for art, sustainable land practices and the life and history of the area. “La Baldi” (The Baldi), as her beloved students called her, was and is even now a unique force in their lives. She trusted and believed in the power of their potential to be extraordinary human beings and engaged world citizens. Sharing and exchange were imperatives for La Baldi, and they permeate the ethos of the residency along with Cultivate’s free-ranging investigation of landscape.

Residents are introduced to the history, culture, ecology, agriculture, food and cooking of Montegiovi, Italy, and are encouraged to immerse themselves in the landscape by working outdoors, walking, eating/cooking, and exploring the social-environmental-political dynamic and resources of the local communities.

Through the La Baldi residency, Cultivate expands its platform for artists, writers, and researchers to investigate landscape, place, and the commons. Evolving projects include experimental and practical interdisciplinary explorations that wrestle with the qualities, perceptions, and layers of experience and relationships that inform and expand notions of landscape. Ideas from a full spectrum of voices across generations are supported using sustainable tactics. From the hyper-local to the global, Cultivate reflects individual and collective curiosity, intention, imagining, and engagement with the phenomena of landscape.