Arts Letters & Numbers

Due Mar 4 2022

"To be a writer requires a willingness to examine the uncomfortable, accept the paradoxical, and swim in the rupture. Rooted firmly in love, trust, respect, and craft, our roles are interchangeable: sometimes creator, critic, instructor, student, friend. Our boundaries are fluid, creating a space that allows for a generative experience, both personally and creatively. Seen by each other, we become visible. Listened to, we begin to take up space. Collectively, we will each other to be known so that we may write from a place of presence, authority, and voice."

In this last iteration of The Earth Of we continue to explore our virtual space of inquiry. Through writing and discourse, we will investigate how to use and document the aggregate that is left following the fractures that pervade our collective histories. You are the atomic shadows, the ash that remains, the tectonic plates marking new landscapes.

This creative aggregate of humans and their offerings has grown organically through digressions, tangents, musings, and synchronistic linkages over the course of the pandemic. To be making is to be in a state of active creation; while the word repose suggests idleness, on the contrary, the making state is one of relief that only resembles rest in the moments before a first mark is made.

The Program will be directed by writers Ginger Teppner and Andrew Helton, two returning Visiting Artists at Arts Letters & Numbers.

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Application Deadline: March. 4th 2022

Duration of program: 6 weeks

Program Fee: $300

Limited scholarship is available for applying.