Communications Manager/Curator
Due May 1 2022

Elsewhere’s mission is to support site-specific experimentation, social action, and interdisciplinary collaboration in order to foster new ways of thinking and doing, the exploration of context and place in artistic creation, and the integration of creativity and life.

This mission is accomplished through Elsewhere’s living museum, international artist residency, and collaborative learning laboratory, built from Sylvia Gray’s three-story thrift store in Greensboro, North Carolina and her 58-year collection of material culture and surplus.

Our vision: With people and things, we build collaborative futures.

Our core values: care, learning, sustainability, collaboration, rootedness/community-building, social justice/social action

The Communication Manager/Curator is a core member of the Elsewhere staff team, acting as a steward of our collection, communities, history, and collaborative mission, ensuring equity and alignment with our values in all that we do. As the lead organizer of Elsewhere’s communications, which primarily includes social media, newsletters, press releases, print objects, and museum interpretive materials, the Communication Manager/Curator shapes and operates organizational communications through collective visioning and goal setting, project management and coordination, and on the ground facilitation. The Communications Manager/Curator translates the Elsewhere magic through communications, actively engaging and being responsive to our communities, and amplifying the voices, creations, histories, and futures of Elsewhere and its many participants.

•This role requires excellent writing skills. Photo and video production skills are a plus.
•On-site work is required with flexibility to complete some work remotely.
•Evening and weekend work as required (events and museum open hours).
•All Elsewhere staff participate in weekly communal cooking, building and collection care, and front of house duties welcoming and orienting visitors to the museum.
•The Communications Manager/Curator directly reports to and is supported by the Managing Director.
•Elsewhere’s staff primarily uses Google Workspace, Slack, and Asana.
•Elsewhere is artist-run and has a radically expansive definition of artist.
•Elsewhere is an anti-racist space and organization.
•Elsewhere participants include fellow staff, artists in residence, interns and youth employees, fellows, alumni artists, guests/visitors, neighbors, partners, volunteers, donors, and funders.

See the Full Communications Manager/Curator Job Description

Applicants will submit their resume and answer an online questionnaire in lieu of a cover letter.
Applications Due: 5/1/22

Ideal start date: 6/7/22

Pay: $18-20/hr for 30 hours per week; non-exempt, hourly position

•80 hours of discretionary paid time off; additional 80 hours at scheduled museum closures.
•$1,000 annually for healthcare/self-care expenses reimbursement.
•$1,000 annually for professional development (i.e. coaching, conferences, training).
•Up to 4 weeks paid and 8 weeks unpaid family and medical leave.
•Daily vegetarian community meals and pantry access through Elsewhere’s Food Co-operative (valued at $30-45/week).
•Workers compensation and unemployment insurance; social security and medicare.

Contact: Matthew Giddings, Executive Director, 336.907.3271, museum [​at​]

Elsewhere does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, expression or parents/guardians with children. Elsewhere shares a radically expansive understanding of creative practice and identity. We strive for a diverse representation of voices, life experiences, views, and interests to reflect the collaborative community we have and wish to serve. To decolonize systemic structures of institutional oppression, we encourage queer creatives of color, well as all other marginalized groups, to apply. Elsewhere is a ‘second chance’ employer and believes that those who are judicially challenged have a place in our community. If there are accessibility needs or questions, please contact

Image: Kinari Council @naricathedral; Design: Matthew Giddings (@giddingsboro); Typeface: Mia Cinelli (@miacinelli); Photo of fabric: Amelia Nura (@amelia__nura)