Arts Letters & Numbers

Geologic Empathy and Glacial Ghosts
Due May 20 2022

Geologic Empathy and Glacial Ghosts

May 27 - 29th, 2022 (Memorial Day weekend)

Onsite 3-day Workshop Led by Nina Elder

In this time rife with social and ecological duress, cycles of disruption feel unprecedented. Geology is a legacy of consistent change, evidenced in upheaval and erosion, uplift and endurance, sublimation and coalescing. This workshop will invite embodied explorations of geologic phenomena and glacial remnants, fostering empathetic responses towards changing ecologies and planetary shifts. Deviating from the apocalyptic narrative of climate collapse and the often impersonal scale of climate science, this weekend experience will weave together urgent and complex topics that connect the personal to the global. Allowing oneself to be haunted by invisible forces of transformation, participants will explore how geologic dynamics might permeate social and creative spheres. Prioritizing deep sensing, intuition, and embodied research, this will be a time for exploring current ruptures, wrinkles, and resilience that inscribe future stories among what are perceived as rock solid histories. Together, we will coalesce myth with science, wonder and scrutiny, poetry and precision. We will reckon with the shape of the earth and the shaping of world views.

Curiosity and hands-on somatic exercises will enliven Arts, Letters, & Numbers’ post-glacial geologic landscape. The workshop will be facilitated by artist and researcher Nina Elder. Like a glacier picks up boulders and pebbles, Nina's practice carries elements from science, visual art, performance, scholarship, traditional knowledge, feminism, and climate communication.


Takes place on May 27-29 (Memorial Day weekend) - Friday evening through Sunday afternoon

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