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The Body is the First Language
Due May 20 2022


Sunday May 22nd, 1 - 5pm, 2022

Free & Open to All | Onsite One-Day Workshop

We enter into the space of this workshop through questions around the prevalent escapist tendencies in our world, and our simultaneous longing for deeper awareness and connection. We know that our language shapes and defines our experience, and our bodies are our first and most enduring language, communicating with us always through sensation. Our bodies carry knowledge, memory, and history, from the wisdom of our specific ancestors to our cellular connections with all life everywhere.

How can we immerse ourselves in our bodies as a way of cultivating presence in our lives? What important knowledge can we gather through tuning our senses to be in concert with the world around us? How do we use our bodies to communicate with other living beings?

We are always traveling, through the body, through the breath, through what we take in and release. In this workshop we will focus on our everyday actions, such as movement and breath, listening and looking, elevating them through conscious practice and sensory awareness, creating access to new perspectives.

Through the portal of the body we travel, gather tools, information, energy, and medicine, to bring back to the moment, as a means of cultivating increased presence in our lives, and a deeper relationship with our environment. We will spend our time together engaging in somatic practices, sensory attunement, discussion, and self-reflection exercises.

All are welcome, no experience is required. We will be doing some movement practice, but it can be adapted as needed for all levels of mobility.

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