Materials & Applications

Los Angeles, US


M&A is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a public culture of experimental architecture in Los Angeles.  Our mission is to advance original and critical ideas about architecture through public projects and programs. We produce outdoor installations, workshops, and dialogues in collaboration with architects, artists, and communities. Today, M&A is helmed by Jia Gu (Director) with a generous team of volunteer staff and coordinators, and support from the Board of Directors and the Contemporary Council of M&A.


"I wanted to use the parking lot as a new kind of public space, a pocket park, a space for experimentation and research. I had worked with many architects and I knew that the best of them had ideas that extended far beyond what their clients might require. In the spring of 2002, I created with a couple friends a new undulating temporary facade for the building - drawing from Christo and Jean-Claude as well as Gisele Stromeyer's work with tent fabric, in order to announce a new center for creative experimentation in the built environment. In this way I called architects and landscape architects out to play." - Jenna Didier, Founding Director (2002-2015)

Materials & Applications (M&A) was founded in 2003 as a collaborative space for experimentation and research in the parking lot of a Silver Lake home. Since then, propelled by a community of artists, architects and designers, M&A remains one of the only independent spaces in Los Angeles for art and architecture dedicated to foregrounding contemporary ideas through built, material, real and temporary architecture.