Seattle, WA

Push/Pull's mission is to:
Promote underground art and comics
Foster community between those creating and viewing art
Encourage emerging artists, illustrators and cartoonists
Innovate the way art is consumed by presenting it in a unique environment and with nontraditional events
Stimulate Diversity by actively seeking out marginalized and under-represented artists

Underground art is work that challenges the viewer to feel something, to think about something. Art that is made by professionals that learned all the rules about making art and then broke them. Art that is made by professionals that never learned any of the rules about making art and made it up as they went along. It's creepy, weird, controversial, strange. Push/Pull exists to show the alternative possibility of what an art gallery can be. 

In order to further our mission we've created a nonprofit section of our business that is powered by Shunpike. Our nonprofit work includes adult and teen education, community events, and cultural outreach. You can donate any time here to help support our work:

Learn more about our programs at this link

Shunpike is the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.