BUBBLER at Madison Public Library

Madison, WI

The Bubbler at Madison Public Library is a hub that connects artists to the community and the community to artists through free hands-on making, exhibitions, and community-wide events.

We believe that storytelling exists through mutilple mediums and literacies. The Bubbler provides spaces for Madison to tell its story through:

1.)Hands-on making
We offer exposure to a wide range of making activities that tend toward play, tinkering, construction, and trial-and-error.

2. Art education and appreciation.
We provide platforms for artists, exposure to a range of arts practices, and opportunities for participation.

3.) Engagement with digital and analog technology.
We strive to both stay abreast of new trends and sustain established crafts. 

We know we are successful when we are providing a diverse range of opportunities system-wide for all different kinds of people.