Wave Pool

Cincinnati, OH

Wave Pool is a dynamic place where art intersects with community. We act as a catalyst for social engagement and cultivate artistic development. Our programs consist of a rigorous curated gallery exhibition schedule, a socially engaged artist in residency program, artist studio spaces, community art and outreach classes and programs, and a community woodshop. We partner with multiple organizations in order to broaden arts reach in all possible ways. We host weekly art and empowerment classes with refugee women, hosts a summer skill and confidence building art class for neighborhood youth in collaboration with a local church, and initiated and developed the Camp Washington Art and Mobile Produce (CAMP) Project, which helps to alleviate the issue of fresh food scarcity in the neighborhood by connecting residents with produce through a mobile interactive sculpture.  

We ‘lead from behind’ – allowing the neighborhood and artists to tell us what needs to happen. We are creating a platform, a way for artists to play an integral role in our city, supporting artists who are creating monumental, experimental visual art projects that intersect with community, and fostering the redevelopment of Camp Washington as a contemporary art hub for Cincinnati.