SPACE Gallery

Portland, ME

SPACE is a nonprofit organization that supports contemporary arts projects, champions artists, and encourages an open exchange of ideas. Grounded in the belief that vital communities are activated by experimentation, conversation, and camaraderie, SPACE engages a wide audience with provocative arts programming and category-defying events. As a nexus for curious minds, we collaborate with original thinkers and invite the public to participate in the ongoing pursuit of adventurous ideas.

From our versatile and multi-purpose arts building in downtown Portland, Maine, we:
●  Curate visual art exhibitions
●  Showcase music
●  Present film screenings
●  Facilitate lectures and discussions
●  Foster a platform for experimental performance 
●  Rent 30 below-market studios to artists with active and diverse practices
●  Oversee a statewide granting program for artist-led projects and initiatives 
●  Invite national artists to stay in Portland through our residency program
●  Foster conversations about issues of social justice
●  Engage the public in community events, open forums, and programs outside of our building
●  Collaborate with other nonprofit and artist-run galleries, projects, and performing arts organizations

In 2016, SPACE was host to 15 exhibitions, over 200 public programs, and paid $181,414 in direct support to artists.