Lynden Sculpture Garden

Milwaukee, WI

The Lynden Sculpture Garden operates as a laboratory at the intersection of art and nature, promoting the enjoyment and understanding of art and the environment through hands-on programs that integrate our collection of monumental sculpture with the natural ecology of the site. Since opening to the public in 2010 we have worked with different constituencies to establish an identity for Lynden as a laboratory and community resource with unique assets; to build visibility locally, regionally, nationally and internationally; and to attract the support of a broad range of stakeholders to ensure the institution's long-term survival. Our work is concentrated in three areas: place-based education (preK-12, higher education, and teacher professional development); support for artists (through exhibitions, residencies, temporary commissions and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Mary L. Nohl Fund Fellowships for Individual Artists program, which we administer); and convening around the topics of public art and sculpture. Lynden increases its impact by developing and testing programs in these areas that can be disseminated widely. This enables us to function efficiently with a small staff while remaining flexible enough to align with local and national initiatives; it allows us to have a national voice while sustaining a local resource. We are currently engaged in building a home for the radical Black imagination, engaging artists across disciplines and geographies, and responding creatively to pressing local issues.