Piney Wood Atlas

United States

Alicia Toldi and Carolina Porras met at an artist residency in Colorado, a place that gave them something of the utmost importance to artists: space and time to focus on creating and challenging their artistic practice. This time of personal focus and exploration facilitated necessary shifts and next steps in their lives, and inspired them to step outside the studio and form Piney Wood Atlas.

In a series of road trips, they visit and catalogue small, emerging, and unconventional artist residencies around the country, soaking up the unique atmosphere of each residency by spending time in the space while having conversations with the facilitators and artists. The project is an ongoing process that will continually contribute to a multimedia tour log of their travels and findings, and help connect the dots between artists and artist residencies.

With a printed field guide for each region of the country and an interactive website, Piney Wood Atlas will be a resource and tool for artists, as well as a platform that accepts contributions of writing and ideas from artists and facilitators. Its goal is to broaden the creative community while showing that the residency and the journey there can be an attainable, productive, and fun adventure.