Richmond, VA

Founded by artists in 2013, SEDIMENT is a gallery, storefront, library, project and studio space, that has situated itself as an experimental platform for artists of all backgrounds like no other in Richmond, Virginia. Housed in a historic building renovated by its founding artists in the rapidly growing downtown arts district, SEDIMENT currently mounts 6-8 major exhibitions per year. A curatorial priority of the three artist-members is for exhibitions to be enriched by interdisciplinary events such as artist talks, workshops, symposiums, and experimental music performances. 

SEDIMENT’s mission is to contribute to the creative community in Richmond by facilitating an experimental, supportive, and inclusive exhibition environment for challenging and under-recognized work by established and emerging local, national, and international artists. The gallery and storefront serve as incubator spaces, offering artists a chance to explore ideas not previously exhibited or tried. Often gallery shows are organized in order to bring both local and national artists together. The supplementary events invite performers and practitioners of other disciplines, which serves to connect the arts community in Richmond with diverse creative practices.

There are two aspects to regular exhibition programs. The gallery is a space for experimental formats such as (but not limited to) durational performance and installations including sound and video. As a new aspect to our programming begining in late 2017, SEDIMENT is curating Storefront Feature Exhibitions that coincide with gallery programming. Storefront features are focused on creative works by local, regional, and international artists who produce art works in various formats intended for sale or distribution.

Finally, SEDIMENT is home to a continuously growing collection of around 350 rare art books and recent exhibition catalogs donated by artist-members and editors of international art publications offers a valuable resource library to artists and the community. This resource library also focuses on publications related to expansive creative research such as indigenous perspectives on ecology, urban design and planning, esoteric practices, and a range of theoretical writings on sound art, cognition, and geology. The Resource Library at SEDIMENT is currently (Fall of 2017) relocationg to the rear loft space of 208 East Grace Street and should be open to the public as a focused place for reading, researching and working in the early Spring of 2018.