MASS Gallery

Austin, TX


MASS Gallery impacts the creative culture of Austin by cultivating a physical space for open engagement with a multiplicity of interests and acts of art making.


Founded in 2006, MASS is a collectively run nonprofit gallery and project space based in Austin, Texas. Consisting of a cast culled from Austin’s rich community of artists, writers, musicians and educators, MASS members jointly contribute to the daily operations and strategic planning of exhibitions, programming and events.

From 2006 to 2010 MASS existed as part of the Blue Theater complex, behind what is now Big Medium at Canopy and adjacent to the current Museum of Human Achievement.  During this period, MASS presented more than forty exhibitions and indescribable events, establishing its reputation as an art space with a true sense of curiosity, always amenable to the risk of providing its space and energy in support of the unknown. MASS’s stint at the Blue Theater was characterized by large scale installations that dramatically transformed the space, notably House Painting by Erin Curtis, Stalemate of the Boozefox, and Panopticon by Dustin Kilgore. MASS also became an associated venue and partner with Austin art events like Fusebox, EAST and The Texas Biennial.

Between 2010 and 2013, MASS utilized a two year nomadic period to create public art projects and pop-up exhibitions around town. MASS teamed up with CoLab to mount 2 exhibitions: Monolith Pass by Anthony Garza and Vortexas Brainsaw Massacre, a haunted house/installation staged by the MASS staff.  We also did the Totally Wreck show at Big Medium and a group show, Methods of Entanglement at the UT ACES building.

In November 2013, MASS established itself in its new location within the vibrant 507 Calles Street complex, consisting of a 1,500-square foot gallery space, five large work studios and a unique retail space.