Minerva Projects

Denver, CO

Mission: Minerva Projects is a site of production where curatorial ideas are incubated and books are published.

About: Based in Denver, Colorado, Minerva Projects supports artists, writers and curators, through its exhibitions and publications programs. This nonprofit project space was founded in 2017 by Canadian writer and curator Yasmeen M. Siddiqui.

Mandate: Minerva Projects supports artists and curators who have expressed the desire to analyze their practice in light of historiographical, political, philosophical or spiritual frameworks. Minerva achieves its mission through its project series that includes conducting an in-depth oral interview, publishing a book, and organizing a traveling exhibition for each of the artists.  Minerva Projects aims to offer the rare assets of time and space to emerging and mid-career artists for the contemplation, analysis and discussion of their artistic practice. The program is by invitation only.

Vision: Underpinning the mission of Minerva Projects is a mandated awareness and responsiveness to the under-representation in art history, art exhibitions, and the art market of women, people of color, people with disabilities, and the economically marginalized. Every project will address aspects of the inequities in the field of visual arts through artist selection and the ethical allocation of resources according to the principals of W.A.G.E.