ArtsUP! Concepts

Fort Lauderdale, FL

ArtsUP! is metaphor, a discourse and place. Creating environments exhibiting ideas (physical/virtual) of local, national and international contemporary artists. Affiliated Residency & Retreat Farm-to-Urban

ArtsUP! is a concept project in FATVillage Arts District, Inc., housed in a 65-year-old industrial warehouse, in a district just north of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Directed by Neil Ramsay, ArtsUP! Concepts prototypes and demonstrates alternative art-integration processes. Exhibiting artistic use of aerial volume within commercial/public/temporary spaces. 

ArtsUP! serves as a hybrid of concept, gallery and public space capitalizing on the architecturally unique characteristic of an otherwise sparse warehouse: the truss roof constructed of Dade County Pine 23’ above. Visualize the volume of the 5500+ sq ft unobstructed space in upper & lower halves. The upper half is the ArtsUP! gallery filled with site-specific/responsive installation art. The lower half (to 12’ high) is both an exhibition viewing area and community space for educational and other programming around the exhibition, plus an event space for rent.

The artwork is not removed or tampered with as a stipulation of the rental, rather the renters are housing their uses within the art installation – an understanding and respect. In this way ArtsUP! introduces an art experience to the community and to corporate & private event attendees- a population typically not attending museums and ‘white cube’ art galleries –effectively enhancing the larger community’s perception of contemporary art practices, and professionalizing the artist’s role in society.