Big Red & Shiny

Boston, US

Big Red & Shiny is a Boston-based online magazine about art & ideas. We aim to expand critical discourse and coverage of contemporary visual art to foster meaningful exchange within the Boston arts community and beyond.

Big Red & Shiny editors and contributors write about art “with a Boston accent"; by and large (but not solely), we are concerned with events and news in Boston and the Northeast. We work with young, enthusiastic writers, as yet unpublished, together with published, mature voices that have been wanting for a platform. 

It is our hope for Big Red & Shiny to continue to serve as a hub for all of our diverse art communities and institutions—to foster meaningful exchange and a dynamic and direct conversation about art and artists within Boston. To that end, we provide tools such as a publicly-sourced Exhibition Listings and Calendar of Events for all to use. 

Big Red & Shiny inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.