Power House Productions

Detroit, MI

Power House Productions is an artist-run neighborhood-based nonprofit organization. Through a network of project houses, art installations, and dynamic programs, PHP integrates arts and culture into the daily life of our diverse Detroit neighborhood, creating public spaces for exchanging ideas, opinions and experiences.

Our strategy is to embed contemporary art practices with the neighborhood itself as a site of cultural and artistic production. Projects are driven by artists who live and work in the neighborhood, while open to an exchange of work from the art world at-large. Strategic partnerships with other groups sharing our goals allow the organization to remain small while having greater impact. Through programs that cross cultures and genres, we engage fellow residents on multiple levels including research, feedback, audience, and through project participation. PHP provides opportunities for artists to push their practice in meaningful directions while raising the outlook and expectations of residents.

Our programming goals include:
– Using a mix of artistic disciplines that make dynamic art events of the highest quality available to the low-income neighborhood where we live and work;
– Supporting events that reflect questions, issues, and cultural modes pertinent to our culturally diverse neighborhood;
– Creating highly visual, sonic, or experiential events and activities that unite audiences often segregated by economic disparity, language barriers or cultural tradition, with a particular focus on linking residents through positive creative activities occurring within their own neighborhood;
– Providing a spark to neighborhood residents to propose projects and programs that highlight their creativity;
– And instigating new partnerships with respected institutions and government entities around the city and across the globe, linking neighborhood residents into a wider net of resources and knowledge.