Sholeh Asgary

Oakland, CA

Sholeh Asgary is a visual artist, educator and organizer. Her multi-disciplinary studio works address the way objects can create disambiguation and break down representation by utilizing painting, photography, light, sculpture and sound to create environments with a particular interest in liminal spaces that are experienced by the viewer. Likewise, she approaches her role as an educator in much the same way, viewing liminal spaces as an essential component of learning for both student and educator. As an organizer, she was the Director of Public Programs and Education at Incline Gallery (2014-2015), during which time received an Alternative Exposure Grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation. She also curated exhibitions and launched The Project Room at Incline Gallery which held various community workshops, hosted local resident artists and rotating social practice convenings. She previously worked as a Gallery Associate at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, and was an artist in residence at Krowswork, in Oakland, CA. Currently she is focusing on her studio practice and smaller curatorial and organizational initiatives. She received her BA in Studio Art from San Francisco State University, and her MFA from Mills College in 2011.