Brooklyn, NY

Directed by Chris Wu & Prem Krishnamurthy, Wkshps is a multidisciplinary design workshop that crafts identities for art institutions, public spaces, non-profits, and global brands alike. With unparalleled expertise across contemporary art, architecture, and beyond, this initiative helps commercial and cultural organizations understand themselves through graphic design. Wkshps follows Project Projects (2004–2017), recipient of the Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Award for Communication Design.

Wkshps’ robust, forward-thinking identity systems express themselves across media—from logos and communication programs, websites and online platforms, books and publications, printed ephemera, and exhibitions and signage systems. A discovery-driven design process, paired with a collaborative, hands-on approach, results in successful outcomes for leading institutions and companies. Wkshps integrates cutting-edge design, agility, and deep cultural knowledge for clients at any scale.

Common Field’s graphic identity and website design by Adriana Ramić and Chris Wu of Wkshps.