San Francisco, CA

MATATU Festival of Stories has a history of producing art, film, and social justice events centering the testimonies of the global diaspora. Our annual programming culminates in our signature MATATU Festival of Stories each fall in Oakland, CA.  MATATU intentionally pairs touring and local artists to see the full spectrum and potential of our stories.

The Kenyan matatu, the Thai Tuk-Tuk, and the Brooklyn Dollar Van are means of public transport used by people around the world. Often decorated with popular icons and sounds, matatu's offer not only a means of travel, but access to another world. MATATU replicates these vehicles as a mode of collective and publicly accessible transportation, rooted in local community and global diasporas, that shuttles audiences from one arthouse experience to the next.

MATATU is a vehicle for conversation, experience, and expression – where ordinary people share extraordinary journeys. Our goal is to enhance empathy and understanding of the global human condition.